After working so hard for so many hours/days/weeks/months in a row that I literally made myself sick the previous week, this week I accomplished a great deal towards the end of the attic project.  And I’m so, SO happy.

Finished the baseboards and casing, obtained and assembled another storage cabinet, touched up almost all the paint, and best of all, my husband made and installed these two cross pieces that were always missing from the front windows, so now I can sand and paint the window trim and install shades!  Yay!

Still to do: order a bunch of wood and plywood to build my desktop, a sewing/cutting table, and the daybed with cabinet, all of my own design; then order and assemble a couple more cabinets; then build or have built a wall of custom bookshelves.

And see if I can get new workings for the clock, so it will actually say something other than midnight or noon.  It’s the perfect clock, otherwise, but is only right twice a day.  😉

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