So, I decided to go ahead and keep working on this bathroom.  My next task was to install crown molding.  I couldn’t have known in advance how many things could possibly go wrong.

First of all, my crown molding installation chops are not great  yet, as I’ve only installed crowns in 1.5 other rooms — one of which was only 5′ x 5.5′, so there was some forgiveness just in the smallness of the lengths needed.  In this room, I think there’s not a single 90 degree angle.

I could not possibly have imagined this would take me about a week — cutting and priming and painting, and then trying to get the coped corners to fit together.  Then I had a disaster with some clear silicon caulk that my hubby picked up for me at Home Depot.  He didn’t know to look for it in white, and as it comes out of the tube white (and I was getting frustrated anyway with the challenge of these wonky angles), I didn’t notice until way too late that it was clear.  And clear caulk doesn’t work very well when you’re using a bit of caulk to make up for gaps between straight wood and a wobbly ceiling.  And, it is impossible to remove.  I admit, this project had me in tears.  I tried scraping some of it out of the way, but mostly ended up adding white caulk on top of it, or covering it with paint.

So, it’s not perfect, but it will have to do for now.  It actually looks pretty good if you’re not looking too closely.  Sigh!

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