I put together 3 of these little rubberwood tables to serve as part of the base for my desk, which will have a beautiful Baltic birch tabletop made from 2 gorgeous 5’x 5′ pieces that I will be getting from the most fabulous local lumber company. The second table was easier than the first (duh!) because I already knew the process. I had to cut an inch off the legs on the third table because it’s a different design.

Overall, the assembly process was pretty straightforward, with good instructions and accurately placed pre-drilled holes. The tables look great! Thank you Amazon.com. Good solid wood furniture for less than something comparable (but made of particle board) from Ikea — I much prefer real wood.

Now, to paint or not to paint? I was going to paint them white, but they look so pretty as they are…I guess it will depend on how they look with the Baltic birch top.

Link to the tables for sale at Amazon: two-drawer table; one-drawer table.

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