There are still several unfinished projects in this room, but until I get all those done, here are some before and after photos of the unpainted/painted walls.

Above the bed, we plan to build a wide box shelf that will contain reading lights and allow small paintings to sit on top.  I was tired of looking at one of my very early drawings from art school days, so it’s gone into storage.  We also removed the rugs for the rest of the warm season.

For the summer, we are liking the lighter visual of the window with only shades and sheers.  We’ll probably re-hang the burgundy curtains when it gets colder.  Plus, we removed some of the decor, including the great Pier One carved wooden chest (way left side of the pic, barely viewable here); it matches other items in the room so beautifully, but it was just one thing too many, considering the small space.  So we also moved the mirror to the other side of the dresser, where the chest used to be.  It’s much more usable that way.

This corner of the room has a very tiny little built-in closet, but it’s too shallow to hang clothes, so we had put in shelves.  But the doors never fit well and were rather cumbersome to use, so I removed the doors and replaced the door casing with something closer to the style of casing used throughout the original parts of the house, and finally, I stained the shelves.

I am able to put a whole chest of drawers worth of clothing in those wooden boxes from the Container Store (which, unfortunately, they don’t seem to carry anymore.  Good thing I got all I needed before they stopped selling them!).  I can access items by reaching in or sliding the boxes out.  And we have that little storage stool for putting on your shoes.  🙂

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