Today we are getting the remainder of our old siding removed and having it replaced with Hardie siding.  It had been hail-damaged in last year’s hailstorm, so we decided to get the whole thing replaced. Now it will all be the same stuff, applied the same way.  The siding crew did a bang-up job on cutting the siding perfectly.

For 3 years, since we started and then prematurely stopped this attic project, we have been lovingly storing 35 sheets of drywall in our attic. This photo shows about 21 of them stacked on the right. The other 14 block half of the door between front and back attic, making moving crap around a lot of fun….

I never liked the tri-level deck that came with our house; then last year the hail damaged our siding and deck, so now we are getting ready for new siding, a new deck, and someday, a garden. The photo above…

In preparation for making part of our attic into a conditioned space — a place where I can safely store my artwork and art supplies, as well as the bazillion other things we seem to need storage for, we are embarking on a remodeling project again, with some trepidation.  I dread the daily disruption of my space, my time and my life, but hope that, in the end, it will all be worth it.