That’s what my husband’s calling me after solving several problems with casing this door.  😉

The way the door was built, no casing was going to fit well in that tiny space above the door; furthermore, the space between the top jamb and the ceiling was crooked; then the floor guy cut the flooring around the temporary door stops.  I should have caught that before he cut the floor, but I didn’t.  Finally, the right side of the jam was completely out of square with a huge slope from the back to the front.  What a mess!No, I’m not really any kind of carpenter (any of you out there who is a carpenter can probably tell that), and the solution wasn’t the correct way to do things, but it solved all the problems: I created a secondary door jamb/door stop all in one with 1×4’s, leveled the top and squared the side with wedges, and by using 1×4’s, I covered the holes in the flooring, and brought the placement for the casing in enough to clear the ceiling.

I ran out of casing one piece too soon (!), so I’ll have to buy one more stick for the top of the door before it is done, and I also need to prime and paint the bare wood, fill the holes and touch up the painted casing, and add casing to the other side of the attic — the side that looks like a scene from the movie “Brazil.”  🙂

But today I’m installing baseboard, and if that goes well, I predict we may actually get done with this project in another week or two!  Woo-hoo!

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