Another gorgeous August day, and I’m getting pretty good with a circular saw.  I cut 2 44.5″ x 60″ desktops out of two 60″x60″ pieces of beautiful Baltic birch (man, that stuff weighs a ton!  Thirteen plys, I think).  Got them sanded and transferred to their ultimate location, and it looks like they will fit well, with a 3.5″ connecting piece in-between them, and a frame of 1×2’s all around.
I still can’t make up my mind about how to finish them!  I never have trouble making up my mind, so this is making me crazy.  I only want to have to do this once, and advice from my friends on various networks range from leaving them birch (most votes), to paint them black (2nd-most votes) to paint them all white.  Plus, I’ll have to deal with the under-cabinets in some complementary way (paint them white, black or put on a clear finish?).If our attic room wasn’t mostly black and white with bright red accents (and turquoise walls), I’d go with the birch for sure.  It was my initial first choice, after all.   Now I’m researching finishing techniques like a woman crazed.  😉

We’re building our first ever cabinet and daybed, too.  I think these could both be done within the week, and then…back to the studio!!!  Woo-hoo!  Unless I’m being a tad optimistic…

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