Today we are getting the remainder of our old siding removed and having it replaced with Hardie siding.  It had been hail-damaged in last year’s hailstorm, so we decided to get the whole thing replaced. Now it will all be the same stuff, applied the same way.  The siding crew did a bang-up job on cutting the siding perfectly.

Of course, we also have much more construction debris in our yard than we did this morning, and after they left, I discovered the “man” door to garage would no longer close.  Terry and spent a couple hours fixing that.  Everybody had already left for Thanksgiving, so we were on our own.

We should have some peace for about a week, while our contractor is on vacation (ooh, that doesn’t sound nice, does it?).  Well, it’s tough for me to have to be awake and dressed every morning before workers start showing up at 8am, then to have to deal with all the rest, with no break…until now.  Gee, only a week+ in and I’m already feeling stressed!  Yikes!

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