Well, this is challenging: trying to figure out where what foods should go in our new refrigerator (#firstworldproblems).  I’m so glad they included two retractable shelves, or we’d have no place for tall stuff.  We still have way more veggies than veggie drawers, so they’ve taken over the deli drawer.  And the freezer: good grief, there’s so much room in the freezer, we’re freezing our frozen doohickeys you usually put in your beverage coolers in order just to fill the space (as mostly full freezers are more efficient).

Only there’s no good place in the freezer for my large oil painting palette!  I suppose I could search for smaller, stackable palettes.  But in the meantime, I found a solution, which required turning off the icemaker and removing its container; then the existing palette fits across both sides.  Who needs ice anyway (we don’t really use it).  I suppose cutting the front part off of the icemaker’s container would work, too.  So that may happen.



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