I finally got a flat file for storing my flat works on paper.  No, not the real artists’ kind, but these will work and were less than half the cost of the least expensive real kind.  Took about 4.5 hours to assemble the gazillion parts, and another hour to get the drawers inserted!  Today, those drawers get populated.  (finally!  I’m so excited.)

I’ve been carting around over 20 portfolios and about 6-7 archival boxes of drawings and paintings on paper, starting when I started art school, way back when.  I was able to put most of those works on paper (the ones I still possess, natch) into the 8 drawers of my new flat files.  Now all of that is neatly organized and easily accessible.  And I get to toss all those torn, taped, and worn-out paper portfolios.  Call me happy.  😀

Only the largest works on paper (over ~24″ x 36″) must remain in portfolios or rolled up.  I can live with that.

After getting the window trim debacle worked out, and the trim painted and the shade installed, I hung a couple of my favorite little paintings (Catfish and Catbird salt and pepper shakers), planted a bag of stuffed animals (more subjects for paintings, for when I’m in the mood for still lifes — in case that ever happens again!), and now I’ve got a nice large spot on top of my flat files for an even larger self-healing mat.

I scrounged this light fixture from the garage, but originally it had been my dad’s — one of a set of two that I painted red and hung from a switched cord.  I think the other one is moving to this room soon, too.  It’s taking forever, but this room is starting to shape up.  Yay!

The last thing will be building custom bookshelves over there on the left, but we’re still a long way from that!

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