Making progress on my office space

Making progress on my office space

Here’s a little progress shot on my office space.  I’ve bought and assembled these great red metal cabinets from Ikea.  I still need to build my desktop (for now, I am using an old door in partial place — the new desktop will go wall to wall).  🙂  I need to either put a clear finish on the cabinets or paint them; I haven’t decided yet.  I think I’ll paint the knobs black, and there will be a 1.5″ black apron under the birch ply desktop.

I also need to add the baseboards and finish the window trim (backband) and paint all that, hang shades, and get a new little rug for under the chair.  Who knew this vinyl flooring would be so dentable by casters?  :\

Plus now I also need to get my computer fixed, because of course, now that the office is almost ready after 7 years in the making, my old computer has died (first my laptop, now my desktop, all in a month!).  Ai!

It sure is exciting to start getting all my office stuff together in one place and organized.  And when this (and the rest of the space) is done, back to the studio for me.  Finally!  It’s been so long, my night dreams are all about painting.

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