Boxes to sort throughStarting this past week or two, I’ve been spending 2-3 hours every day going through boxes of who-knows-what from the attic. I just moved that pile of 24 boxes there from deep storage to an open space for sorting purposes. I think I’ll start the sort tomorrow.

Then there’s another pile of similar unknown stuff about the same size to sort through. 🙁

I think this mess happened because I had a request for an interview with the Weather Channel (regarding my tornado paintings), and they wanted to meet with me at my home studio slightly before we got all the remodeling of the attic done 3 years ago, so we scrambled and stuffed things willy-nilly everywhere, and haven’t touched any of it since!

I am determined we will finish finishing out the attic this year! And I’m very excited about it, too! A place to sew, a place to read, a place to store portfolios of art on paper, a little library even…

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