Woo-hoo! Our new refrigerator arrived today (during the storm).  It’s so awesome; it beats the pants off of our crappy old white cheapest-refrigerator-available when we moved in. It has an icemaker, filtered water, freezer on the bottom, French doors, retractable shelf, and so much more.  And Shiny!  We don’t even know yet what’s supposed to go where.  Thank goodness it fits in that little cubbyhole.  Wheeee! (is it sad to get excited about an appliance?)

We outgrew our old one when we joined the neighborhood farm; so many veggies and not enough places to put them!  A good problem.  And many thanks to Uncle Sam for a great tax return, to the State of Texas for the tax-free energy star appliance weekend, to Lowe’s for a good sale, and to the City of Austin for buying our old refrigerator back for $50.

We would have liked one a teensy bit bigger, but then it would have been too tall, and also, we couldn’t have gotten it in the house (as it is, we had to remove a door and some hardware, and disconnect/remove the dryer hoses). It was still a squeeze.


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