The attic room project continues…haven’t made much physical progress on it this past week, but I’ve been doing a lot of research, redesigning other projects, getting ready to build the daybed and attached cabinet, and tweaking my desktop sketches to get more accurate measurements for it (10.5′ x 4′ with a notch in the middle).  And, oops!  These PhotoShop mockups aren’t quite right, but hopefully, you get the idea.

We’ve gotten the wood delivered and my dear sweet husband is checking my measurements and assumptions in a 3D program, for which I’m very grateful!  I used to do 3D work, but it feels so much like actual work!  Like, I should be getting paid for it!  Plus, my 3D programs are so old, they don’t work on newer systems, and I’m not sure how much I really want to learn another program.So, these days, I’d rather draw by hand and/or use Illustrator and/or PhotoShop to mock things up.  Currently, the wood tables that will mostly hold up the desk are unfinished parawood, a light colored rubberwood, almost as light as birch wood, but with some very dark little spots here and there.  I have the red metal Ikea cabinets (which I love!), a birch rolling cart for my big printer, a black chair, b/w floor, a couple of white painted wood cabinets, white wood trim, and of course, turquoise walls.    And red lamps.  And the daybed cover will be red.  🙂

I’m thinking of painting the desk cabinets white with black knobs.  I was going to try to put a clear finish on the birch ply desktop and band it in black, but I am totally daunted by the clear finish thing. Polyurethane yellows and I haven’t had much luck using Polyacrylic on a large flat surface (before I found out about Floetrol, but I haven’t tried that yet either).  So I’m thinking glossy black painted desktop.  Or should it be white?  White with black trim?  White with red trim?  Maybe red?  Decisions, decisions.  So many decisions all this summer, my brain hurts!

At any rate, this will surely stretch my limited carpentry skills, as well as my utilitarian painting skills!

After which (if we ever finish these projects), my brain will be free again to get back in the studio and paint some abstract paintings!  Hang in there with me; I will be back painting someday in the hopefully-not-too-distant future!

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