After 12 years in this house, I’ve decided THIS is the year I finish painting all the rooms.  I painted 4.75 of them several years ago (missed one wall of the small bathroom, for reasons too complicated to mention); then a few years ago, I painted the attic room and the outside of the entire garage and storage room; and then the inside of the storage room last year.  This year, so far, I’ve repainted the outside of the storage room, the garage doors and the front garage wall, and 1.25 rooms in the house (the laundry and the 4th wall in the small bath); now only three more rooms to go!  Having so beautifully completed the laundry room, I’m moving on to the next smallest room — the main bathroom.

To start with, I kind of hate everything about this bathroom, except the tub, which I love.  Maybe next year, we can do a small remodel of the space and fixtures, but for now, I’m about to add color!

It really is a challenge!  Painting behind the tub and toilet, with the sink vanity and tall cabinet in the way, and trying to reach above and below (behind) the middle of the tub is all rather difficult. Gah!

The green is a Sherwin-Williams color of my own invention, and yummier in person. It’s a very similar color to that of my storage room that needed 3 coats of Behr paint last year.  Got this done in 2 coats, and it was almost sufficient at only one coat.  Sticking with Sherwin-Williams paint from now on (unless I discover something better).  May cost twice as much as behr, but my time is worth something, too.  Anyway, here’s some in-progress photos:



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