One of the cool features of this house is a large attic space with some headroom.  The owners imagined remodeling the attic into a useful work area, with office space, a daybed, a sewing area, and plenty of storage.  They began by having the entire roof and walls in the attic space covered with spray foam insulation, which brought the temperature in the attic down from about 130 degrees F in the summer to just above 80 degrees.

Next, A/C vents were added to the new attic room, knee walls went up, and other infrastructural issues were fixed.  Windows were installed, sheetrock went up, flooring and trim were installed, and everything that needed to be painted was painted by the homeowner.  Some furniture was custom-built, while several other pieces were purchased ready-to-assemble.  Cushions and pillows were added, as well as some new lighting.

The new space is divided into several functional areas: a large office, a seating area with storage, bookshelves, flat file storage for art, a photography area (above the flat files), a sewing space, a cutting table/work table, and an area for a variety of miscellaneous storage.

The envisioned bookshelves have yet to be built.

Project Photos: