This house came with a crazy 3-level deck, part of which—a ramp leading to the sort-of attached garage—was covered by a very sloped little roof.  No part of the deck was really quite large enough to be useful for entertaining or relaxing, so it became kind of a storage space for plants, a potting table, recyclables, plastic chairs, and a wooden table and chair set that barely fit in the space between the back door and the deck edge.

At some point early on, the clients removed the railing between the deck and the backyard, as it served no purpose and blocked their view of their garden.  They later had the poorly built sidewalk removed and all the hackberry trees taken out.  The whole ecosystem in the backyard changed with the removal of the trees, becoming very sunny and bright.

In 2008, a pretty serious hail storm damaged the deck and the siding on the house, so the decision was made to tear the whole thing down and start over.

The process began in the fall of ’09, and by the end of January 2010, the new deck and pergola were complete.  New lighting was installed and the whole house was painted.  New deck furniture and decorations—candles, plants, wind chimes and lanterns—make this a lovely and loved space that is enjoyed on a regular basis.

The new pergola only lasted a few years, however.  The wood began to rot and eventually, the whole pergola needed replacing.  A new design for a sloped pergola with a translucent covering was implemented.  The porch lights also got a design update, a gorgeous ceiling fan was installed, and a new step was built.  It is now a very handsome space that the homeowners can enjoy is almost any weather.

Project Photos: