The dining area is part of the large room that contains the kitchen. There’s also some room for casual seating in this area, which the client really appreciates since the kitchen/dining area is where everyone tends to hang out.

The client desired a dramatic color change to the primer white walls and wanted to replace her 25-year-old furniture with something more modern. As the dining arrangements are used daily by just the two people who live here, and they also occasionally have small dinner parties, we chose a small round dining table that opens up to seat eight. We also replaced the tall hutch with a small buffet, leaving more wall space for the couple’s many paintings.

The biggest part of this project, however, involved removing an attic door that opened right where the dining table and chairs were located and shoring up the ceiling, which had begun to sag from the poor placement and installation of the old attic stairs.

We painted the top half of the room in a bright sunrise yellow-orange and the bottom with a nice contrasting blue taken from the blue of the kitchen countertops, leaving a space of white where the chair rail was later installed.

We added a large modern pendant lamp, with dimmer, over the table where the stairs used to be.

New dishes in a blue and brown hibiscus pattern, new table linens in brown leather with circle stitching, and new blue napkins complete the table setting. Accessories in shades of browns and blues complete the design.

As time passed, the couple tried moving the table and chairs over to the window side, then tried a more central placement, before finally settling on the window side of the room for the table and chairs.  A set of two new pendant lamps will be hung over the table in its (hopefully) final location.  The couple also decided to insert one of the table leaves into the table for everyday use, and also updated the placemats and napkins.

Project Photos: