Dining Room Flat

Dining Room Flat

The design motif for the dining room is stripes, which are an element of the dining room table and matching credenza are used in the chair backs, the Flambeau lamp, and the vertical stripes of the French pleated draperies.

This room design repeats the rich tones of gold and deep red-orange from the adjoining living room and picks up a sage green from the oriental rug for the dupioni silk draperies. The walls are painted a pale gold. A warm gold Ultrasuede covers the main dining room chairs, and a deep red-orange Ultrasuede covers both the small benches flanking the fireplace and the extra dining chairs flanking the credenza. The window curtains are made of a luxurious open-weave sheer in a rich gold.

A Nelson saucer pendant lamp hangs above the dining table, further emphasizing the element of stripes in its construction.

The original fireplace is given a facelift with a surround tiled in small chocolate marble tiles, while the threshold is resurfaced with large buttery-maple colored marble tiles. The wood surround of the fireplace is refreshed, as is all the woodwork throughout the space, with a cream-colored glossy paint.


Dining Room Furnishings