The client wanted to create a room to serve as her TV watching room most of the time, but that could also serve as an occasional guestroom. She wanted to find something cheerful, yet relatively modern that would look good against the freshly painted fushia walls.

The one window in the room brought in far too much direct heat, and the window wall also contained an awkward looking door to the attic, which she wanted to hide, disguise or somehow minimize.

We found a sleeper sofa in a lovely deeper shade of fushia, and topped it with pillows in a coordinating print, plus a deep orange pulled from the print.

We found some storage ottomans with flip top trays covered in a lighter shade of orange as her pillows. The hot window we covered in a pair of matching deep orange silk lined drapes, and hid the door to the attic with a shoji screen.

We found 2 small end tables at an extremely good price, and added 2 gorgeous lamps finished in a bronze that matched the bronze tone of the ottoman tray tops. Finally, we added a favorite Picasso print of hers over the sofa.