The larger bathroom in this house came with a gorgeous claw-foot slipper tub in a deep Caribbean blue with gold feet and hardware.  The walls were all primer white, the toilet was a kind of modern low-slung model in white, the vanity and sink were white, and a permanently installed cabinet was also white.  The floor was linoleum in white with blue.  Almost everything was white, except for the window casing, which was painted blue.  The mirror above the sink was large and unframed and the light fixture above the mirror was a flashy gold thing with 6 bare round light bulbs.

Decorating the bathroom was rather minimal at first: a small white cabinet was purchased, as well as a white lace curtain, a gold towel rack, and a matching gold toilet paper holder.  Most of the needed accessories were purchased with some gold in them to match the overall gold theme set by the previous owners.  Two sets of towels were purchased in blue and white with blue trim.

Eventually, the gold theme seemed tired and garish, so new rugs in a wasabi green replaced the gold ones, and towels in a range of colors — yellow, orange, and wasabi green — were added.

Later, the bathroom finally got a paint job: wasabi green for the area around the bathtub, and a lovely tint of blue for the rest of the bathroom.  Crown molding was added along with a shallow column to further visually separate the tub area from the rest of the room.  A second column is planned for the future.

Small white wall-hanging shelves were added around the tub area.  The large unframed mirror was replaced by a smaller white-framed one, and the lighting was replaced by a fixture in nickle with 3 large white glass lampshades.  The old standing towel rack was replaced by a wall-hung double-rack, and finally, a new selection of small colorful paintings were added.

Project Photos: