I designed a pergola for the new deck we were having built.  I used a 3D program, AC3D < http://www.inivis.com/ >, that works like Lightwave, but is much simpler at a fraction of the cost. It was pretty intuitive and easy to use (if you’ve had some 3D experience), and so in less than a day, I was able to design our soon-to-be pergola (to scale).  There were complications during the build process, but that’s a story for another day.  I was very pleased with how the pergola and deck came out, especially after the paint and stain went on.

I picked up some sling chairs at Pier One Imports in shades of gorgeous red-orange and yellow-green (both with some bits of blue in the stripes).  I also found some lanterns and candles to match, and two great white metal end tables.

Eventually, we added a small table and two chairs in teak to the other side of the deck, and potted up quite a few plants in pots painted to match the chairs and chair fabric.

We really enjoy sitting out there on warm or cool evenings, sipping a brew and chatting.