I can’t say that I’ve always longed for a sewing space, but our attic remodel project provided me with a great opportunity to set up a dedicated yet flexible space in which to lay out and cut fabric, sew, and iron.  It began with a storage cabinet designed specifically for sewers and crafters, and since that piece worked out so well, I added a rolling cutting/work table which can fold down to only 14″ wide by 40″ long when not in use, but opens out to a generous 40″ x 60″.  I then added a matching desk/table with two good size drawers for thread and notion storage.  Next came a set of Ikea Alex drawers for fabric storage, a new sewing machine (as my old one broke!), a new Ikea Skruvsta chair in white, and finally, I spruced up my ironing board with a new cover that actually fits, and a new steam iron that actually works.  It’s a great working space, and makes excellent use of the odd-shaped room.