For my office space, I designed a desktop to fill the 10-1/2 foot space from one wall to the other.  At the outside edges, the desk is almost 4 feet deep, and then angles towards a 29″ deep center section.  I designed it to fit snugly on top of some store-bought rubberwood cabinets: two cabinets under the sides and one in the center.  An edging of 1×2’s snugs the desktop to the cabinets, and a metal leg under each of the farthest two corners creates additional stability.

I applied many coats of clear varnish to the entire two top pieces of Baltic birch, and used an ebony wood dye to stain the 1×2″ edging and the desk cabinets.  There is a center band of wood that is also stained ebony, and it connects the two desktop pieces with pocket screws—which are removable, in case I want to move the desk.  The entire process, from designing to prototyping to cutting the wood, to varnishing and staining the wood, to adding the edging and legs, took approximately one month.  Completely customized for a very particular space!

Progress Shots