…on air…it took three tries to find a crew of tape, float and texture guys who could (and would?) do our job in our timeframe for our price, but these two guys who came late this morning were fantastic!  Very nice, very professional (as almost all of the workers we’ve had have been), and they did a beautiful job!

The attic is really starting to look like a space!  Tomorrow they will texture, and I’ll prime as soon as it’s advisable to do so.  Hopefully, I’ll complete painting over the Christmas weekend.  Then the electrical guys can finish their part next week, and we’ll have a space to move all the crap back into that we moved out of there a month ago.  A clean, well-lighted place for our crap.  😉

Here are the colors I chose; hope they work because I already bought the paint:

Colors for the attic - Crystal Aqua & Swim

Colors for the attic – Crystal Aqua & Swim

After that’s done, we can address the back part of the attic: venting everything through the roof, filling in any missing braces, snugging up the plywood flooring.  Then the insulators can come back and spray that part of the attic, and besides cleaning from there on down, I think we will finally be done with the attic project!

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