For 3 years, since we started and then prematurely stopped this attic project, we have been lovingly storing 35 sheets of drywall in our attic. This photo shows about 21 of them stacked on the right. The other 14 block half of the door between front and back attic, making moving crap around a lot of fun….

The drywall originally purchased was the wrong size (1/2″ instead of 5/8″), so it had to be moved out, then replaced with the thicker drywall.  Our carpenter crew uncomplainingly moved the 21 wrong sized pieces out, and then moved the 22 new right sized pieces in, and it only took them about an hour altogether!  These guys work really hard and are willing to do whatever is needed.  Our contractor rented a scaffold for them while they were removing the half-inch drywall, which made it a little easier to haul up the 5/8 inch stuff.


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