After 12 years in the house, the bedroom with a 15-foot-high vaulted ceiling was painted a rich butterscotch color.

Shades and sheers in a light tone on the window create a cleaner look on that side of the room.  Some of the decor was removed, including a great carved wooden chest, while the floor-standing mirror found a more convenient home where the chest had been.

A tiny built-in closet in one corner of the room was too shallow to hang clothes, so shelves were put in.  The glass doors had never fit well, so were removed.  The door casing was replaced with a style of casing similar to that used throughout the original parts of the house, and finally, the shelves were stained.  There’s a small storage stool in front of the small closet for dealing with socks and shoes.

Finally, the burgundy bedding was replaced with something a little lighter and brighter.

Project Photos: