The dining room area — which takes up about half of a medium-sized room that includes the kitchen — has always been a bit of a challenge when arranging furniture, as the entrance is right in the middle of the wall and leads directly to the kitchen with not a lot of space in between.  The table and chairs have been placed on one side of the room, with some sort of seating area always on the opposite side.  Throughout the years, the two types of furniture have exchanged places several times in an attempt to find the best possible solution.

When the clients first moved in, they brought with them a legacy dining set that included a tall hutch, an old-fashioned style chaise lounge, and lace curtains.  The old-fashioned style items were soon replaced with something a bit more modern.  The chaise lounge was traded for a futon-type daybed with arms that could be laid flat.  The lace curtains were traded for some sheer brown material with a light blue circular pattern, and some pillow covers were also made from that material.  An antique end table was put into use next to the daybed, and some brown woven ottomans were added along with some round brown leatherette trays with a similar light blue circle pattern.

Eventually, the daybed was moved out to the living room, and the gorgeous super-comfy brown chair that was in the living room took its place in the seating area of the dining room.  This change also allowed for the buffet to be moved to a less crowded location next to the chair, leaving more space on the other side of the room for the dining table and chairs.

Project Photos: