These are some potential projects that I may build in the future, plus some long-abandoned furniture design ideas.
CD shelves designCD Shelves – front

Having searched in stores and online for CD shelves that would be just the right size, and failed to find any that were suitable, we decided to build our own.  I designed…

We needed a small wood storage cart on wheels to safely store small cut sheets of plywood and masonite, and with a second side to contain cut dimensional lumber.  I took my design from Woodworking for Mere Mortals, though designed to be smaller in both horizontal directions and without the shelves in the middle.
I built a bench out of some scrap lumber. I made it "narrow-stance" to allow for the severely rounded edges on the two pieces of 2x6. As is often the case, I made some changes to the design while I was building it (turned the legs 90 degrees for better stability in the real world).
I keep a lot of large cardboard boxes and styrofoam on hand for when I need to ship my paintings.  I needed a simple shelf for containing the large cardboard.  I built a very simple one in less than 2 days.
For my office space, I designed a desktop to fill the 10-1/2 foot space from one wall to the other.  At the outside edges, the desk is almost 4 feet deep, and then angles towards a 29" deep center section.  I designed it to fit snugly on top of some store-bought rubberwood cabinets.
I designed a pergola for the new deck we were having built.  I used a 3D program, AC3D, that works like Lightwave, but is much simpler at a fraction of the cost.
Design Inspirations
Greenhouse from old windows