In preparation for making part of our attic into a conditioned space — a place where I can safely store my artwork and art supplies, as well as the bazillion other things we seem to need storage for, we are embarking on a remodeling project again, with some trepidation.  I dread the daily disruption of my space, my time and my life, but hope that, in the end, it will all be worth it.

A few days ago, we finally signed a contract with a dear friend who happens to be a rock-solid contractor and super good guy — he was always our first choice of contractor whenever we considered moving this project forward, but the boom had him too busy working on high-dollar new construction to piddle with a puny remodel project.  The good news for us is that, with the terrible downturn of the economy, he is actually available to handle our project.

He got the permit process started on Monday morning first thing (which took 6 hours of his day!!!), and I have to go down there, too, because apparently the garage that came with our house was never permitted, so we have to file for a variance, and go before the Board of Adjustment.

Anyway, today, the carpenter crew got started building knee-walls in the attic.  They are amazing!  To rip the angled top plates, one guy stood on the end of a 2×4 balanced across and towards the end of a small stack of 2×4’s, and a second guy ripped the wood thus sticking up in the air with a circular saw!  Wow!

They also did a great job figuring out how to handle all the crazy angles in our 72-year-old house.

Before they could actually work in the attic, however, we had to move all of our stored crap from the front half of the attic to the back half — through a door that was halfway blocked by 14 sheets of drywall that have stored up there for years! — with boxing gloves on!  View below.

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