No, not art, sadly; something much less abstract, more concrete — or should I just say wood?  I just finished the second coat on five more pieces of trim (baseboard and casing); I still have about 10 more to go.

This phase of the attic remodel project is taking forever!  Well, every phase seems to take forever, and it sure didn’t help to let it go for a few years in between phases 1, 2, and 3!

We also finally got the 1st access panel designed, prototyped, and then transferred to the final wood piece, which I also just painted.  Four more to go, and I hope they go much more quickly, now that we know how to do it and make it work.

The irony of all this house remodeling work that is taking me away from painting is that the initial impetus for so much of these projects was to give me a space to paint (by freeing up my office to make a studio).

But it is exciting finally seeing everything coming together, and our little hamster brains are working overtime on projects that will follow this one.  It’s all ramifying, but in a most pleasant way — except for the fact that I’m not working in my studio while I’m working on all this other stuff.  After postponing various projects for years at a time, I want to just keep on working on the house until we get it all done!

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