Let me just say, the difference between a mid-priced table saw and a budget table saw is astonishing.  So, now I know how they’re supposed to work!

After much research online, especially in woodworking forums, I decided on a Ridgid saw from Home Depot.  It gets great reviews for a mid-priced, pretty much everything-we-need-in-a-table-saw saw.

Buying this saw was challenging, though.  They don’t have it at the Home Depot that’s very near where we live.  We tried the HD north, and decided against buying it there because they were charging $20 or $30 more for it than the south store.  So we ended up getting it at the South I35 store.

Because our one car is very small, we had to rent a truck to get it home, and it took about 5 guys to lift the box containing the unassembled saw into the back of the truck.  Did I mention the saw weighs almost 300 pounds?

My husband and I got it out of the truck by ourselves by taking everything out of the box that we could reasonably lift on our own, and then using a clever system of 2×4’s as ramps, we slid the rest onto a rolling cart on the ground.

Assembly took a while!  You have to begin assembly with the whole thing upside down.  Once again, my very smart husband came up with a great system for upending the saw 180 degrees, using ropes and 2×4 ramps again.

P.S.  I was able to sell my old Craftsman saw on Craig’s List.  I was surprised how many people wanted it!  I had over a dozen calls in less than 12 hours and it was sold within 24 hours of listing it.  WoW!


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